Ellen Richman Muhammad

alisa genoveseEllen Richman Muhammad is a project manager and administrative specialist with deep roots in graphic communications, most of those years spent in magazine and book publishing. More recently, she transitioned from managing products to coordinating employment and training services for a diverse population of low-income seniors at the City of Oakland. There she headed a digital literacy program, and became sharply aware of the Digital Divide and its detrimental impact on the lives of those on the wrong side of that gap.

Ellen has been an East Oakland resident for over 25 years, where as a white woman, she is a definite minority. For over 30 years, she’s been married to an African-American Muslim man, and is the proud parent of a daughter with a Hebrew first name and Arabic last name. For Ellen, diversity is a way of life, and working at StirFry Seminars is the perfect way to fuse her personal life choices with her work. As a StirFry staff member, she’s committed to helping advance the company’s mission, as well as to further strengthening her ties with her neighbors and her community.

Ellen has a BFA in Fine Arts from the University at Buffalo, State University of New York, and a Certificate in Project Management from California State University East Bay. She enjoys using both her creative and analytical sides, and loves working with font and color palettes as much as with numbers on a spreadsheet. She also loves felines and fitness.