Kim McCaul

kim mccaulKim McCaul is an anthropologist, mediator and facilitator who grew up in Germany as the son of a German mother and an Irish father. He emigrated to Australia in 2000 where he set up Culture Matters Consulting in 2011. His primary work consists of anthropological research and advice on Aboriginal land right cases and Aboriginal heritage protection matters. As a facilitator, he has partnered with Ngarrindjeri elder Major Sumner to deliver Aboriginal cultural awareness training to government departments and private industry. Growing up in Germany with its legacy of WWII raised Kim’s awareness of how important it is to take responsibilities for past injustices to be able to create a new future. Working with Aboriginal people awoke Kim’s passion for us white people to take responsibility for our racism and acknowledge how we perpetuate it to our benefit. Since studying with Stirfry Seminars Kim has begun a Talking about Racism group to create a space in which people of all cultural backgrounds can connect about a topic so many white people still try to deny. He lives in Adelaide, South Australia.