Daniel Cohen

Daniel is an educator and facilitator who believes in the power of an individual’s story and the need for communities to be purposefully challenged by these stories.

As a white man dedicated to anti-racist, anti-sexist work, Daniel works to recognize his own assumptions and biases.  Raised and educated in predominately all-white, wealthy communities he was, as Peggy McIntosh states, “taught to see racism [and sexism] only in individual acts of meanness, not in invisible systems conferring dominance on my group.”

He has taught high school in and around Chicago for 14 years. It has been through re-examining American history as an adult and hearing the stories of his students and colleagues that Daniel has come to realize that he carries his whiteness, his maleness and his heterosexuality with him everywhere. He has felt the cost of racism and sexism while recognizing the vital need for dialogue and change in America.

With a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership, Daniel has had the opportunity to design and co-facilitate professional development programs for school districts seeking equity and diversity.

Daniel is a Stirfry facilitator-intern and has co-facilitated workshops on Unlearning Racism and Mindfully Resolving Conflicts.