John Boiano

John Boiano, Pulse Integrations Founder/Director is a dynamic motivational facilitator, trainer and consultant with a unique approach to leading groups on a journey of self-discovery.  From a mindful perspective, John facilitates group conversations and teachings on a wide range of positive growth and awareness issues focused on biases, perceptions and accountability.

John’s Zen, or “leadership from behind” style of facilitation is compassionate, non-confrontational and extremely positive.  He believes by taking his time before moving onto the next issue enables the participants to gain a deep understanding of the topic and empowers the group to take ownership of the process. 

Starting Pulse Integration LLC in 2002, John’s dedication and focus is on creating emotionally safe environments and positive and supportive cultures in education systems, corporations and health care settings by bringing an awareness of compassion, diversity and personal value to the leaders and future leaders in each area.  Sharing his knowledge with adults and youths alike, he believes that the deeper we can look at our own actions, the more we can understand how to effectively role model and teach personal accountability and true diplomatic leadership skills. 

John brings many skills acquired through his own life lessons, spiritual studies and a fourteen-year career in sales and marketing management in the wholesale music industry.  Since creating Pulse Integration LLC, John has presented to a wide range of organizations from the top sales team at the Broadway Millennium Hotel and the United Nations International Children’s Conference on the Environment to numerous education systems, youth development programs, teaching staffs, parent groups and presents at education and multi-cultural conferences across the country.   

Although John has a rich corporate background, he is currently concentrating on working with students, staff and administration in education systems by developing and facilitating his programs such No Bullies Allowedfor K-12 students and staff, Crossing the Middle Groundfor Middle Schools and Learning to Leadfor High Schools where the issues change from bullying to looking more deeply at racism, sexual orientation and peaceful diplomatic leadership skills.  In the spring of 2007, Pulse IntegrationLLC  announced a partnership with Lee Mun Wah and Stir-Fry Seminars for If These Halls Could Talk workshops and a documentary film program which deals with bullying and social issues in K-12 schools.  John is also writing books and a training manual for teachers to be used as an in classroom resource guide.  He continually shares the experiences he learns from others in the light of helping our youths and their mentors in shaping a positive future.