Roberto Almanzan

Roberto is a multicultural consultant, trainer, and coach with a special emphasis on developing cultural competency, cross-cultural communication skills, conflict management, and team building in diverse environments. Roberto was a participant in the award winning documentaries, The Color of Fear, and its sequel, Walking Each Other Home: The Color of Fear 2. These are among the most critically acclaimed films on race and ethnicity. These emotional and thoughtful films are catalysts for a deeper understanding of how race and ethnicity affect our daily lives. They profoundly stimulate viewers to talk about and reflect on their values, attitudes and experiences with race and ethnicity.  In workshops, Roberto uses his facilitation skills to focus the dialogue on effective cross-cultural communication, relationship building, and developing cultural competency. Roberto also delivers train-the-trainer programs on using these and other key diversity videos as catalysts for multicultural development. A recently released documentary film on sexual identity/orientation and homophobia, The Color of Fear 3, features Roberto Almanzan as a key participant.

Roberto Almanzan is the Cultural Competency Coordinator at the Contra Costa Crisis Center. Roberto began his relationship with the Crisis Center in 2003 as a consultant co-facilitating a strategic plan to increase delivery of culturally appropriate services to underserved diverse communities. In addition to and as part of the strategic plan, Roberto has delivered an ongoing training program on diversity and cultural competency for the staff, volunteers, and board members. In 2004 he joined the staff to continue the work on developing cultural competency and delivering culturally relevant services to diverse communities.

Roberto was born in Calexico, a town on the California border with Mexico. He grew up and graduated from high school in East Los Angeles. Roberto earned a BS in International Relations from Stanford University and an MS in Counseling with an emphasis on cross-cultural issues from California State University East Bay. He has facilitated groups for more than twenty-five years.  This work has led to television appearances on People Are Talking in San Francisco and nationally on the Phil Donahue and Oprah Winfrey shows.

Improved cultural competency, cross-cultural communications, leadership and relationship building skills are the outcomes of the multicultural training programs offered by Roberto Almanzan. These are essential to building inclusive and effective teams and organizations. Among Roberto’s clients are the Contra Costa Crisis Center, Seneca Center, Fred Finch Youth Center, JFK University, CSU East Bay, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Stanford University, Wright Institute, St. Mary’s College, YWCA, League of Women Voters, U.S. Forest Service, Leadership Greater Chicago, BP America, Xerox, Shell, Safeco, and Sears.  His consulting services and training programs consistently receive excellent feedback from corporations, government agencies, educational institutions and nonprofits.