Announcing a new program dealing with bullying as it relates to classism, racism, sexism, heterosexism
and violence in our schools. John Boiano, the director of Pulse Integration LLC will be partnering
with StirFry Seminars to create a National Program to deal with bullying in our schools

if these halls could talk

“Bullying, or better termed ‘acts of meanness,’ are played out daily in almost every school across America every day,” says John Boiano a consultant and educational specialist on bullying.

National Statistics Claim:

  • On any given day approximately 160,000 students skip school for the sole reason of being fearful of getting bullied
  • 57% of students experience or see acts of meanness every week in their school
  • 59% of students know another student that could physically hurt someone
  • More than 3 million students are victims of bullying each year
  • 60% of bullies in middle school have a criminal record by the age of 24
  • Internet bullying is the fastest growing type of bullying today, with a majority of the perpetrators being girls.

In one of John’s recent high school No Bullies Allowed™ assembly programs, one student stated, “It’s always there (the bullying). Why don’t the teachers see it?” When the students were asked how they felt about being bullied, the most common answers were about feeling sad, bad, embarrassed, lonely, hurt, angry, rejected, wanting to hurt themselves and others. They also felt there was no one to talk with about it. In a recent study of incarcerated ‘school shooters’ by the Secret Service Agency, all of the school shooters expressed the same feelings of hurt, anger, and wanting to hurt themselves and others. Generally, before a student feels compelled to hurt themselves or to act out violently towards others, there is also a long history of being teased, called names, and feeling isolated and alone.

The fact is that children do not feel safe in their own schools. The top unsafe places in school are: the cafeteria, the bathroom, the hallways, the stairwells and the school bus. John says, “School administrators and staff are continually “surprised” by the student’s answers that come up in our programs. Most of us know of the problems, few of us know how big it actually is.”

Lee MunWah & John Boiano

If These Halls Could Talk is a groundbreaking program developed by John Boiano and Lee Mun Wah, where students gather in assemblies and small groups to discuss their personal concerns about their emotional and physical safety. Strategies are taught and alternatives discussed that help create a safe and supportive school culture.

Our workshops focus on positive social skills and role modeling, personal accountability, and the exploration of how our biases, and stereotypes affect our perceptions and relationships with each other. We also offer student assemblies, training programs for students, teachers and parents as well as At-Risk programs for children with exceptional challenges. Additionally, we have National Training Centers all over the United States where trainings and seminars are conducted to deal with this issue, as well as seminars/trainings on racism, sexism, conflict resolution, and mindful communication techniques.

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