Selected testimonials

Insights realized and skills honed are useful whether counseling individuals, facilitating group interactions, or delivering a speech. Since I do all of these things this training was extremely helpful. The memory of it lives on as a rich resource for the further development of my professional skills.

Stephen F. Hard, Prevention Advocate
Women and Families Center
Sexual Assault Crisis Services

Words cannot express how thrilled I was with the seminar this weekend. The overwhelming response of those in attendance was that this was a ‘life altering’ experience for them. Thank you so much for coming to this little town in Wyoming and helping us to grow.

Jean Wade, Development Director
YWCA – Sweetwater County, WY

....the essence of StirFry: providing the inspiration to do more, to make a change, to have hope that change is possible.

Kathy Leeds, Director
Wilton Library, Wilton, CT

The Girls & Youth team did their own training for themselves yesterday and used what they’ve learned from you:  they put together scenarios from real life experiences in their work with youth.  They role played these scenarios using mindful facilitation, followed by their own debrief.  It was a powerful experience for them. 

In their debrief, they said, “Asking What Would Mun Wah Do?” is the way...and they laughed together.

I thank you for the gifts of mindful inquiry that you have generously shared with us.  It is making a powerful difference in our work at the YWCA.

Joyce Yamamoto, Director
YWCA – Minneapolis, MN

You (Lee Mun Wah) have a great style for leading the discussion. I learned a lot from you about using humility, love, and laughter to set up a safe environment. I also learned some techniques for facilitating this kind of discussion. It was very powerful the way you allowed people the space to voice their feelings, frustrations and sentiments one on one and then engaged us in a very controlled and powerful group dialogue that clearly demonstrated the frustration of people of color in our organization.

You have been instrumental in showing our top brass that we can have this dialogue without breaking down into hostility and negativity.

Joni Foster, Program Director

Your unique ability to create a safe space where our staff members could speak their truths and openly share their experiences has prompted us to further engage in a process of deep introspection and examination of the core issues racism and white privilege throughout all levels of our organization. Your training sowed the seeds for profound personal and institutional change. Now, we endeavor to bring those seeds to fruition.

Nancy Hite, Chief Executive Officer
YWCA – Minneapolis, MN

Lee Mun Wah is an artist in action, creating an atmosphere of safety and openness that is vital in looking at one’s own racism. In watching Lee Mun Wah I learned how to pay closer attention to the subtle nuances in language and body language when people are discussing racism and its impact on them. I learned to look for what is not said as well as what is said. I also learned to be attentive to the pain, shame and guilt that we all carry as a result of our learned racism.

I would recommend him as a speaker/facilitator to any organization that is truly committed to overcoming racism.

Jere C. Sitko, Ph.D, Clinical Psychologist
Department of Psychiatry
Kaiser Permanente Medical Center

NorthPoint Health & Wellness Center is an urban community clinic located in North Minneapolis. To better understand both the diverse staff and patient populations, NorthPoint recently engaged the services of Lee Mun Wah, director of StirFry Seminars & Consulting to facilitate two seminars, one for all staff and one for our community board.

Staff appreciated Lee Mun Wah’s unique approach in presenting information regarding racism. Through specific examples and group interactions, staff learned how it feels to be excluded from specific groups and gathered a greater appreciation of co-workers and different cultures....I would highly recommend StirFry Seminars & Consulting as an excellent resource for    increasing cultural awareness.

Gary L. Cunningham, Chief Executive Officer
NorthPoint Health & Wellness Center

Forty years ago Dr. Theodore Reik wrote his famous book ‘Listening with the Third Ear’ in which he focused on his ‘extra sense’ to hear hidden meanings in what is said and unsaid. I think that you’ve (Lee Mun Wah) taken this idea one step further by having the courage to listen with your heart, and then to explore and process meaningful subtleties. And to do this in such a gentle and unobtrusive manner that invites the participants to tell the truth, as painful as it might be.

Gilberto Madrid, LCSW,
The Permanente Medical Group, Inc.

I thoroughly relished the two days I shared with you in Minneapolis; it was insightful and deeply moving. I have never experienced a “diversity” training like that in mylife. You are a treasure to this world and I am grateful to have met you.

I kinow you must receive many letters such as this, but it was important for me to express my appreciation and respect for your spirit and brilliant craft. The past experience has affirmed my passion and purpose in impacting the world, one spirit at a time as a facilitator, speaker and consultant. Thank you!

Catrice M. Jackson
Founder and Executive Mentor
Emerge Consulting

Race and racism are not easy topics to discuss and the world needs more people like you who are willing to encourage and facilitate that conversation. I look forward to working with StirFry Seminars to provide more workshops anad trainings for the Boulder community.

Janet Beardsley, Executive Director
Boulder CO

The training you offered our staff was moving, insightful, provocative and a catalyst for energy and shange throughout our organization. Four weeks later, staff and volunteers continue to discuss the evnet adn its impact. In fact, a small group of staff immediately took the opportunity to attend your “Mindful Facilitation” seminar.

Robyn-Jay Bage, CEO  
Sharlene Kerelejza, Director of Prevention and Inervention Serivces,
Women and Families Center

Words cannot experience how thrilled I was with the seminar this weekend. The overwhleming response of those in attendance was that this was a “life attering” experience for them. Thank you so much for coming to this little town in Wyoming and helping us to grow.

Jean Wade, Development Director
Sweetwater County YWCA

Participants were enthusiastic in thie praise of the seminar. Lee Mun Wah’s skill provides a safe context in which to do the work of creating meaningful community and respectful dialogue.

Marilyn McPherson
Asst to the Chair of Best Practices
The Permanente Medical Group, Inc

On behalf of all the Kings View staff, I want to thank Lee Mun Wah for his challenging and thought/feeling provoking seminar. Through his facilitation I believe all of us learned more about ourselves, our personal prejudices and how to more effectively approach each other. For me I was reminded once again about the importance of being more now and present in my life. Thank you for sharing of yourself with us.

Jeff Gorski, LCSW, MFT
Director of Business Development
Kings View Behavioral Health