Last Chance for Eden: Meet the Cast

Carlo Cervantes

"If a white person starts to cry or admits to having racist feelings and tendencies, then everybody immediately starts taking care of that person, and the whole world stops.".

Debbie Eriacho

"I don't feel safe unless I leave all of what I feel and issues that are important to me outside of whatever door that I'm walking into. If I leave it all outside and just come in and be how I think you want me to be, human being, then I fell pretty safe. If I leave all of that out the door, that's when I feel safe - when I leave the best part of me elsewhere, so that you can feel good."

Dennard Clendenin

"People want to hear what it's like to be black and male, and I tell them. Then they go 'Well, I was poor too. I got stopped by the Cops.' What purpose does it serve to bring that up? It makes me feel like I'm being told to just shut the fuck up and get on with your life. That's the way it feels."

Karen Schwartz

"When Carlo said that you weren't going to hear the worst...I agree with you 100 percent. I know I have done racist things, and what I think is scarier - it's people like me, blatant racists are there, but people like me, we're more dangerous because we're so unaware."

Pat Burson

"I'm just saying to all you white people - welcome to the pain! You know, we've been drowning in it. Welcome! I hope you struggle as much as we have struggled. I hope you go under as many times as some of us have gone under. And I hope you fight your way back to the top and just keep fighting to stay alive. Welcome to the pain.""

Rhonda Cervantes

"People of color don't get to be seen as individuals. It's very easy for white people to say 'Well, I think people should all be seen as individuals.' People of color don't have that option with white people."

Sandy Hill

"I guess most white people don't realize the depth of the fear. We assume that after a while people get tough,learn to adapt, get calloused, and we admire that. But I guess we've never allowed ourselves to get to that pain because it's a frightening concept to have no hope for the future,, as far as being safe in the world. To be constantly threatened, to not be yourself - it's something that we take for granted. I don't think we've ever really been able to hear how terrifying that can be, and how much a person has to sacrifice to survive. I have no words..."

Tom Burke

"You can't hide from this. There's only so many gated communities that you can create, but your children aren't going to be safe. Only so much moeny that you can throw into more private schools and prisons. You can only go so far before there will be a reckoning."


Yvette Camacho

"That must feel good to just be able to walk in and say 'This is me.' That's not something that comes easy to people of color, because we don't have your features, we don't have your rank, and the status that you have in this society. I get up every day and it's a live and die for me, sometimes."